Algarve Car Hire Full Inclusive

We specialise in providing low-cost, all inclusive car hire rates at Faro airport and all over the Algarve, Portugal

All car hire insurances with NO excess value!
Our car hire rates are inclusive of all required car hire vehicle insurances like third party responsibility, CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), TW (Theft Waiver) and Bail Bond (where applicable) at Faro Airport and have no car hire insurance excess.
There is no credit card deposit on arrival at Faro Airport against damage to the car hire vehicle's bodywork and in the event of bodywork damage to the car hire vehicle there is no renter responsibility providing the accident is proven by a police report.
At collection time the renter will be asked to leave and open slip of a valid credit card only for security reasons, which will be destroyed with the safe return of the car.
Local car hire taxes & airport charges
Our car hire rates in the Algarve are fully inclusive of local sales taxes.
Arrival times for your car hire
Our Algarve car hire rates include service on arrival at Faro Airport within normal office hours (08:00-22:00). If your collection time request is outside these times, there is a surcharge of EUR 25.00.
What is not included
The fuel that you consume during your car hire period is not included in our car hire rates. You will collect the car hire vehicle with a certain amount of fuel and you will be asked to leave the tank with the same amount of fuel when returning the car.
Vehicle keys are chip-coded and are costly and timely items to replace. If you lose the car hire vehicle's key, you will be obliged to pay for its replacement (approximately EUR 120.00) plus any associated transport costs in connecting you with a new vehicle key. More importantly, your holiday car hire at Faro Airport may be seriously affected while you wait for a new key to be prepared for your car hire vehicle. Please take good care of the car hire vehicle key while you're on holiday in Portugal!
Putting gasoline into a diesel car (or vice versa) requires the engine to be stripped down and cleaned. If you put the wrong fuel into the car hire vehicle at Faro Airport, expect a hefty garage bill and several days with your car "off-the-road" while the car is repaired.
If you have a puncture during the rental the car hire company will hold you responsible for the repair/replacement cost. All our cars are delivered with a road-worthy set of tyres which are inspected prior to each delivery. Typically, bad parking or driving off-road are the most common causes of punctures during a rental period.
Our car hire vehicles at Faro Airport are rented for use on the public highways of Portugal. They cannot be used off-road. Although a very rare ocurrance, we'd like you to be aware that damage to the underside of the car hire vehicle, frequently caused by negligent driving or off-road use at Faro Airport (we have had occasion to have to lift car hire vehicles out of dried-up river beds!) is your responsibility. Drunk driving a hire car is considered negligent use.
Traffic fines, speeding tickets incurred at the wheel of your car hire vehicle at Faro Airport are at your own risk.
It is a sad reality but nowadays auto theft is a day-to-day ocurrance. If you park up the car hire vehicle with personal items inside and, as a consequence, the glass or locks are damaged in an attempt to steal your personal effects, you will be responsible for the associated repair costs to the car hire vehicle. We strongly recommend that you park the vehicle in supervised car parks/garages in the major cities and never leave any personal item inside the car hire vehicle.
Damage to the vehicle's underside is the responsibility of the renter. Although a very rare ocurrance, damage caused by driving off-road, impacts from rocks or other items to the underside can cause considerable damage to the vehicle. If this situation arises, you will be responsible for the repair costs unless the damage is caused by accident and in that case you should have a police report.
Insurance to drive out of Portugal is not included. Our Algarve Car Hire cars are only allowed to go to Spain. If you want to go to Spain there is a special insurance of EUR 50.00
What is included
Baby Seats and Child Seats are supplied for Algarve car hire vehicles on request. Two Baby/Child Seats are included in the price. Each extra seat is charged at EUR 3.00 per day. Seats must be reserved at the same time you reserve your car hire.
One additional driver is included in the price. More extra drivers are charged at EUR 15.00 per rental each.
Delivery fees are included in the price.
Unlimited Kilometers are included in the price.
Road tax are included in the price.
How do I Book?
Making a reservation is very simple and secure and can be made in a few simple steps.
We developed a booking process throught which the customer can register his/her personal details only once. The personal details will be saved and the customer gets a username and a password that should be used in further bookings, avoiding the need of entering the personal data everytime a booking is made.

If you are not yet registered you can do it by clicking in the text link "Click here to register" in the customer login box in the reservations page.
This process can also be done in the second page of the booking form if you didn't enter your login when you begin the search.

Here are some simple steps for a successful booking:
1. Ensure you have registered as a user
2. Search for car availability for dates you want using the search box in the search page
3. Select car type for dates you want by clicking book button
4. Select any extras or additional items you want. These will then be added to your quotation.
5. Complete any other information on booking form.
6. Select payment method
7 Submit booking request
8. You will then receive an e-mail acknowledging your request. You need to confirm this by following the links provided.
9. We will then issue a final e-mail confirming car availability and providing instructions regarding car pick up.

Keep your username and password that you will need later for your next bookings and also to access your backoffice space where you can change your personal details and review your bookings.

Please drop us a note if you have any kind of difficulties using our website.

How do I Pay?
Payment for our Algarve car hire vehicles is only due at collection time and can be made by credit card, debit card or cash. However you can opt to pay by credit card at booking time if you want to reduce the stress on your credit card's credit limit when you are actually on holiday.

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